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Drift along with this comet, travelling for thousands of years lost in a galaxy lightyears away, find the astronaut next to his crashed spaceship, never being able to return home again....

This scene was created in Tilt Brush, using objects I made in Oculus Medium, Google Blocks and Tilt Brush.  I also used Marmoset Toolbag to add some textures. 
Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well or visit my website at : www.vrart.wauwel.nl
Little Maggie6 mons ago
Really calming video. You always have good sense of color
Elizabeth Marie6 mons ago
@Cameras Yes, I've noticed that, but the amazing thing is that he's trying to warm up, doesn't the space suit keep warm?
Cameras6 mons ago
The dead astronaut has been in a dead position, which is really pitiful. A man dies alone.
elijah ennis6 mons ago
Is this underwater world? But I clearly saw the starry night sky.
Daniel Romero6 mons ago
Is this sphere a monster that destroyed the spaceship?