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In this video we go for a trip with my friends on Honda CB650F (me), Yamaha XSR900 and Honda Africa Twin. We went to Artenra to visit one special place - the restaurant in the cave. 

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I appreciate my friend Ondrej Vymetalik who rents motorcycles here in Gran Canaria http://www.canaryride.com and helps me to do my video tests. Thank you! 
JF Motorcycles6 mons ago
@minecraftowaBELLA minecraft Haha, that would be a great game :) Of course it is real :))
This looks like a video game.. Is this real?
Betty Tanner6 mons ago
@JF Motorcycles Thank u for showing me this video. I will keep trying, Thank youuuuuuu!
Hahaha, speed and passion are always together.
JF Motorcycles7 mons ago
@Betty Tanner Oh I know it is sometimes difficult but you must keep trying :)) Just today I've watched this short movie about girls on motorcycles, maybe you can show it your parents haha: https://www.redbull.com/cz-cs/videos/bobs-movie-full-documentary
Betty Tanner7 mons ago
I've been asking my parents to buy me a motorcycle, but they've always turned me down.