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This new 360° VR video shows us exactly how @lostplatetours offer an exclusive, delicious take on the tasting experience in the hutongs of Beijing. YOU will get on a rickshaw ride with our hosts to try Beijing noodles with pasty sauce, Mongolian barbecue, doornail meat buns, spring pancakes, old Beijing rice wine yogurt and local craft beers! Drag to look around all these old Beijing’s alleyways and folk delicacies! #BeijingBites
Urban Metz3 mons ago
I like to taste the delicacies in every place. And now i can't wait to taste the delicious food of Beijing hutong.
Robyn Franecki3 mons ago
This is the real journey, the natural experience of Beijing's life and the food of Beijing.
Pamela Marks3 mons ago
My god, I can't help but want to explore Beijing food now.