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In Day 277 Minecraft World, my friends and I have build this. And as of now, we are still growing the area. This is the first glimpse of our ever growing town settlement. This may be my first machinima ever.

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Using the Replay Mod by @CrushedPixel and Johni0702. Download it here:
Mafalda Wiegand
Mafalda Wiegand9个月前
Like the idea of showing how time flows and the change of land form. Although I'm not satisfied with the definition, the story you try to tell here is awesome. @Jey Sern Tan
Maybelle Casper
Maybelle Casper9个月前
minecraft is so popular,i didnt remember how much time i saw it here
Eileen Hagenes
Eileen Hagenes10个月前
what you mean? @Jey Sern Tan