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Get your headset ready and we will find out which has the best in camera stabilization among all the hottest 360° camera in 2018 - the brand new Insta360 ONE X, GoPro Fusion, Kandao Qoocam and Insta360 ONE. All footages shot at the highest quality possible and this video is in 5.7K (Insta360 ONE X in 150Mbps). I will show my color graded Insta360 ONE X footage compared to GoPro Fusion - and the result WILL SURPRISE YOU!! 

Insta360 ONE X review: https://youtu.be/F54oOVVvnSI
Mini Film shot on ONE X: https://youtu.be/nLrO-9805MY
ONE X 360° 4K mobile edit comparison: https://youtu.be/UWLMzGkQ7Ck
ONE X on a DRONE!!: https://youtu.be/xAdvTUfs2UY
Get Insta360 ONE X with FREE Invisible Selfie Stick here: http://bit.ly/2OkTohX

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