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A VR live performance of Haircut from our 2nd album.
The audio has been mixed to work binaurally with headphones, ie you will hear whoever you are looking at louder. The spatial audio only works on iOS for now (check it out on youtube to hear it working in your normal desktop browser though)

Buy the whole album here: https://charlywood.bandcamp.com/
Or listen to it on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Lfn4uh3OOJ31BbMIouF6n?si=uvx8l5svRxatR3FE3x4t0w

Buy the T-shirt with the lyrics from this song here: https://charlywood.bandcamp.com/merch/yoga-pants-t-shirt 

Charlywood are:
Andy Charlewood: Guitar and vocals
Fabian Lewey: Guitar
Markus Manahl: Bass
Fabian Natter: Drums


Mixed & Edited by Andy Charlewood
Thank you very much i will put the link thanks for sharing keep up the good work thank you very much
@Go360inc Hi there! you are free to use our music as long as you put a link for people to purchase it in the description! Thanks for your interest :-) This link is best for us https://charlywood.bandcamp.com/
How so cool I really like you're song, great performance. Im a 360 content creator from Portugal i was wondering can I use you're music on one of my 360 videos here on veer? Thank for the Live concert handsome Band
@Johnathan Batz thanks Jonathan! Subscribe to us on youtube for new weekliy videos and loads of other music :-)
Johnathan Batz10个月前
Cool thing, I like your music, sooo good.
@Willa Herman Hi there! We have more 360 videos on youtube and there is a VR app for youtube now on steamvr. We don't want to release all our content on Veer because there is no way for us to monetise it and youtube gives us that chance if we get enough subscribers. Thanks for your interest!
Kirk Simonis10个月前
It seems that your music is very popular, of course, I like it very much.
Willa Herman10个月前
@Charlywood official VR Why not release more videos in Veer? I prefer to see video through VR .
@Naomi Denesik Hi Naomi, we are happy to fulfill your expectations, we play a LOT more on our youtube channel with new uploads every week, feel free to subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/charlewooda
Naomi Denesik10个月前
Very distinctive singing and playing, expecting you to play more.