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Want to know what’s this big project Violette & I've been talking about ? *Drum roll* Ladiiiiies and gentlemen, we present you 🌟EXPEDITION 100 ! 🌟
In a few weeks, you’ll be able to explore the 100 most wonderful places in the world in our new vlog series ! Can you guess where Season 1 will start ⁉
***360 video*** Try to follow us as we speak !
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Antoine Le Guen2个月前
@Arlo Schneider Thank for the insight, I'll check that :) Just been editing with Premiere for this video.
Arlo Schneider2个月前
@Vaughn Hand I Man i agree with you ! That little app is quite useful. And it can make the orientation follow with the women when she is walking and talk.
Vaughn Hand I2个月前
Haha this project looks interesting ! A little advice for this clip is that maybe you could try some apps like Veer editor to add transitions like fading in between footages.