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Want to know what’s this big project Violette & I've been talking about ? *Drum roll* Ladiiiiies and gentlemen, we present you 🌟EXPEDITION 100 ! 🌟
In a few weeks, you’ll be able to explore the 100 most wonderful places in the world in our new vlog series ! Can you guess where Season 1 will start ⁉
***360 video*** Try to follow us as we speak !
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Antoine Le Guen10 mons ago
@Arlo Schneider Thank for the insight, I'll check that :) Just been editing with Premiere for this video.
Arlo Schneider10 mons ago
@Vaughn Hand I Man i agree with you ! That little app is quite useful. And it can make the orientation follow with the women when she is walking and talk.
Vaughn Hand I10 mons ago
Haha this project looks interesting ! A little advice for this clip is that maybe you could try some apps like Veer editor to add transitions like fading in between footages.