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Cluse is an apparel and fashion brand specialized in watches, straps and jewelry. This virtual tour takes you on a journey through their headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Check it out!

[About Cluse] Our story is about people who find beauty in simplicity. Simple is not about being plain. It is about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. Away from distractions and focused on the things that are truly important in life. With this mindset we are committed to creating timepieces that represent elegance and minimalism. Timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A CLUSE watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit. CLUSE is there not only to indicate time, but to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity.
[关于CLUSE] 我们的故事是关于那些追求简单美的人们。简单并不是指单调无华。它是关于理性,精致,真实的自己的体现。远离世俗的干扰,只专注于生命中最重要的事。保持着一颗初心。便诞生了我们创造代表优雅和极简主义的钟表。致那些与我们一样,重视自己风格的人。一款CLUSE手表,它能让你的外观变得优雅而完美。CLUSE不仅是指时间,而是为了记录你每一个美好时刻,并以简单精致的方式成为众人焦点。

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