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Gravity is no longer a constant.
Enter a world where the rules that bind us
are suddenly disobeyed.

In a secret science facility, gravity has been conquered. “Down” is no longer a direction, but a choice. Step into the center of modified chambers and witness the laws of nature be broken in this five-experiment series.
VR has all but torn down the barriers between the imagination of the creator and the experience of the viewer. A concept like The Pull simply does not translate into traditional 2D. We can suggest concepts through TVs and monitors, but we can’t truly experience them — and breaking the very laws of nature is something that can only be experienced.
While flat media limits us to hinting and coaxing at an experience, by creating in VR, I can more faithfully share my vision with you, the viewer. For a few minutes – for five chambers – I can truly invite you into my world.

More about the project at: https://qubavr.com/portfolio/the-pull/
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This is trippy as shit. Great work, guys!
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سلام عليكم
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